Business Innovation Week – Winter 2020/2021 – Live Updates

Updates are displayed in reverse chronological order.

Thursday 11th February, 2021 – Day 4

11:20 – Students doing 120-second presentations at the moment

11:00 – Students working hard, in and out of breakout rooms!

09:00 – Final Day! Day 4! Here we come! Sustainable business & Alternative investments

Wednesday 10th February, 2021 – Day 3

16:15 – End of session Feedback, what did our students think of today’s BIW and its organization?

16:00 – What a surprise! BBA student Nikita Lobachev, who is currently completing his BBA Double Degree has joined us to explain his experience in Dublin!

快狐成人短视频app14:40 – This afternoon, we have M. Fabien LaCroix is our guest speaker, taking about negotiations.

快狐成人短视频app14:35 – A quick break now before we come to our third guest speaker of the day.

13:00 – BSL’s MBA Alumna, Valentia Squitieri, joins us at the BIW with a workshop and coaching hour.

快狐成人短视频app11:30 – Introducing the BSL Investment Club!

快狐成人短视频app10:00 – Many thanks to Yannick Bouyidou for his inspirational insights!

快狐成人短视频app09:05 – Kicking off this morning’s topic “Customer Experience” with today’s morning guest speaker, BSL’s MBA Candidate: Yannick Bouyidou.

08:55 – Ready for Day 3? We are!

Tuesday 9th February, 2021 – Day 2

快狐成人短视频app15:45 – Day 2, coming to a close now. The BIW organizers are once again requesting feedback for continuous improvement!

15:00 – And now to our second Guest Speaker of the day, Mr. Mario Mello.

14:55 – And our students are back with BSL Professor Marko Majer

快狐成人短视频app13:15 – Students have been set into groups once again. We will be back near 3pm with more updates!

13:00 – And we are back:

11:45 – Break until 13h00. See you in the afternoon!

11:35 – And the winner is…..


快狐成人短视频app11:30 – Who will win the prize for the best financial model & ideas?

快狐成人短视频app11:25 – and Group 7:

快狐成人短视频app11:20 – Group 4, 5 and 6 have some interesting ideas as well…

11:10 – Group 2 & 3 are now presenting to Edouard:

快狐成人短视频app11:00 – We are back with the first presentations for this business case from Group 1:

09:45 – Edouard spoke about his current venture Bazzile快狐成人短视频app, and students have been placed into groups of 5 to come up with a financial model, using Edouard’s business as a business case. Back at 11am!

09:00 – Here we go!

快狐成人短视频appOur students welcome their first guest speaker for the day, Mr. Edouard Heagi.

快狐成人短视频app08:45 – Preparing for the 2nd day of the Winter term BIW!

Are you all as excited as I am?

快狐成人短视频appHere is a preview of what is to come:

Monday 8th February, 2021 – Day 1

16:00 – What a GREAT start to this term’s Business Innovation Week! Well done to the organizers!

If you’d like to read a daily recap of what happened, come read this post by our Bachelor student Khulan A.

快狐成人短视频app15:55 – Students have given some feedback to help our student organizers better prepare this week as well as use this valuable feedback for, not only future BIWs, but also for future online meetings!

15:50 – The votes are in!

Cafeco – received the Best Product vote!

Cafeco also received the Best Advertisement vote!

15:45 – Sixth student group presenting their dropshipping idea:

快狐成人短视频app15:40 – Fifth student group presenting their dropshipping idea:

快狐成人短视频app15:35 – Fourth student group presenting their dropshipping idea:

快狐成人短视频app15:30 – Third student group presenting their dropshipping idea:

15:25 – Second student group presenting their dropshipping idea:

15:20 – First student group presenting their dropshipping idea:

13:00 – Preparation for the E-commerce game.

快狐成人短视频appStudents will be simulating Dropshipping in teams of 5, where they will choose products, create brand names and advertisements and present their products and strategies to their peers. Thereafter a vote will take place for the best dropshipping idea and a winner for this competition will be announced!

快狐成人短视频appwith a few helpful hints…

快狐成人短视频app11:45 – Q&A Session with out students:

快狐成人短视频app11:30 – E-commerce Trends:

11:25 – The Importance of Blogs! 🙂

快狐成人短视频app11:20 – Benjamin is sharing his Step by Step Guide for a Digital Marketing Strategy.

11:00 – We now hand over to Benjamin Wundermann who will be speaking about his company, .

快狐成人短视频app10:50 – Thank you Anna!

快狐成人短视频app10:30 – Q&A Session

10:15 – Ms. Anna Dudukin speaks about the importance of delegation when starting a business. She has 12 people on her team and has only seen 3 of them. She feels it is best to delegate to a virtual team for expertise from freelancers.

10:00 – On to our first guest speaker – Ms. Anna Dudukin, presenting her e-commerce business Niasha:

快狐成人短视频app09:00 – Let the Business Innovation Week begin!

08:45 – Here are our guest speakers for Monday’s Business Innovation Week topic on E-commerce:

08:30 – Our students’ Business Innovation Week is about to start! Here is the upcoming agenda for Monday and Tuesday: