Employment Experience

快狐成人短视频appBachelor and Masters students have the opportunity to enrich their BSL journey with a professional employment experience during their program. For example, students can decide to incorporate an internship or a voluntary program, making the most of the experiential learning and directly applying their knowledge in a real work environment, in Switzerland and abroad.

Student Testimonials

Internship Experience – Dmytro KOVTONIUK – (2019)
Internship Experience – Mathieu FELTZINGER – (2019)
Internship Experience – Morgan MANIN – (2019)
Internship Experience – Stanislav KRASOCHENKOV – (2019)

Daniele Ticli,
Head of Careers and Industry Relations

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Internship Stories

Victor Discusses the Internship Experience He Received When Completing His Business Administration Degree
A professional internship opportunity is one of the most advantageous steps a business student can take, providing the hands-on work experience employers value in prospective employees. It also gives the participant a unique first impression of the working field they aspire to specialize in, gaining invaluable insight on what the …
An exotic Internship between BSL & Sumba Hospitality Foundation
In 2017, Business School Lausanne (BSL) and Sumba Hospitality Foundation (SHF) in Indonesia co-created an Internship program tailor-made for BSL students called Sustainable Development Internship. You may wonder, what is Sumba? And what do they do? So, let us share a brief presentation of this Foundation. SHF offers a vocational …