Consulting Project: Ernst Schweizer AG, Metallbau

Project Title: Sustainability Consultants in Action: Challenges and Achievements in a company sponsored project at Ernst Schweizer AG, Metallbau

Introduction to the Project
From September 2011 until June 2012 a consulting team within the Diploma in Sustainable Business program worked on the project “Eco Design and Safety in Design” with the objective to systematically integrate aspects of environmental protection and safety in the product development process of the Ernst Schweizer AG, Metallbau (Schweizer). Schweizer offers products in diversified product segments, ranging from mailboxes, solar energy systems, doors and windows to metal/glass facades. An ISO 9001 compliant robust toll gate process existed already internally and early steps were taken to address this issue. Our consulting team was meant to be an “external enabler” to help move the project further and expand the criteria with eco and safety requirements.

The project in brief
The team was asked to develop and integrate a new sub-process covering eco design and safety in Schweizer’s product development process. The following objectives were set at the beginning:

  • take environmental, health & safety aspects systematically into consideration
  • represent state-of-the-art knowledge and best practice
  • build on the company’s vision, mission, and culture
  • consider the company’s policies, structures and competences
  • fit to the product portfolio
  • secure acceptance from Schweizer staff and allow effective implementation

快狐成人短视频appRequested deliverables:

  • a summary report on literature search and best practice in eco design and safety design
  • process descriptions and supporting documents (forms, checklists) for the product development process
  • implementation and validation of the process in a test development project

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