Master of International Business (MIB)

Engage in Real-Life Industry Projects

Made with You in Mind

Jumpstart your career with a Master’s Program carefully designed to support you on your journey to becoming a dynamic international business leader. BSL’s MIB program allows you to develop and maximize your entrepreneurial mindset through proven learning methodologies and collaborative projects with real-world entrepreneurs and business leaders.

快狐成人短视频appYou’ll receive one-on-one support and guidance from the world’s leading business minds from BSL’s wide network of highly skilled professors and leading subject matter experts. Combining global business methodologies and real-world exposure to leading business operations you will acquire strong management and leadership skills to set you apart on a global scale. Master your business and managerial skills through invaluable exposure to innovative business acumen at one of Switzerland’s leading business schools.

快狐成人短视频appAre you ready to lead the global businesses of tomorrow?

Stand out from the rest  

  • Real business learning
    Our faculty consists exclusively of seasoned and currently active business practitioners who bring the latest business knowledge into the classroom, every day.
  • Beyond business as usual
    Our Master’s Programs take an unconventional approach that broadens the mind beyond the traditional teaching of business, entrepreneurship, management and finance.
  • Personalized approaches
    Small classes of a maximum of 22 students ensure a personalized teaching approach and allow for a highly dynamic and interactive learning environment.
  • Professional networks
    Over 60 nationalities are represented by BSL’s student body and faculty, allowing you to develop an important global network for life.

Program Tracks

MIB with concentration in Entrepreneurial Leadership

快狐成人短视频appThis concentration is geared toward budding entrepreneurs with a flair for leadership and the desire to stand out from the crowd. You will learn how to discover cutting-edge expertise to inspire great ideas and motivate people to their peak performance. The program goes beyond the helicopter perspective, providing you with future-proof resilience and creativity to make your mark in global business.


Globally accredited studies with access to real-world projects and internships both locally and abroad.

MIB with concentration in Finance

快狐成人短视频appThis concentration is for the analytic and financially driven leader. You will learn the vital components of business finance to arm you with the important skills necessary to navigate your way to the right side of the balance sheet every time. From the art of balancing budgets to maximizing financial tools, you will be equipped to lead projects to excellence with sound financial skills which will set you apart. If you are seeking a career in analysis, banking, finance or budget then look no further.


With 7 specialized finance courses, you will be given the opportunity to test your academic knowledge through real-world business projects and internships in Switzerland and abroad.

MIB with concentration in Sustainability

This pathway is geared towards budding leaders and social entrepreneurs who share a strong desire to master the capabilities to initiate sustainability-focused business impact within local or global organizations or start their own social enterprise. You will master the sought-after competencies to initiate the transformation required for sustainable business.  Learn from a industry leaders in sustainability transformation and culminating your degree with our signature customizable capstone experience!


快狐成人短视频appChoose a powerful social entrepreneurship experience to apply all your learnings, either to start your own social enterprise or to complete an internship or perform a comprehensive case study within a social enterprise.

Which path will you walk upon?

Program Format

Duration: 18 months

Start Dates: September and February

Number of courses:快狐成人短视频app 18 (Coursework is completed over the first 1 year)

Workload: 4-5 half-day classes per week (Mon-Fri) plus independent learning

Experiential Learning快狐成人短视频app: Four 1-week long Business Innovation Weeks (BIW)

Number of terms: 4 terms per academic year. Each term takes 10 weeks (9 weeks course work, 1 week BIW), plus 2 terms full-time for the capstone

Program credits: 120 ECTS (5 ECTS per course, 2.5 ECTS per BIW and 20 ECTS for the capstone)

Curious about the impact our Program will have on your career?

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