Where is Business Education headed?

快狐成人短视频appLearners of Business differ deeply from learners of Physics or History. They are essentially doers, and not mere observers.

快狐成人短视频appA growing number of Business Graduates question the usefulness of studies, underlining that they have learned far more in real-life then in class.

All throughout the world, Business Schools are, therefore, redefining themselves. Topics, teaching methods, curricula, career or entrepreneurship support are all under review.

BSL intends to move with agility in order to provide the Business Education that is relevant in a changing world.


  • At Business School Lausanne, we consider our duty to practice what we preach.
  • We want to help build visionary value creators, engaged learners, and impactful actors of change.
  • We have identified the Edupreneurial Mindset as the Entrepreneurial Mindset necessary in education.
  • We are a trusted partner of education innovators.
  • We combine the finest results of academic research with the effectiveness of entrepreneurship.
  • We have setup and we constantly develop an education ecosystem where learners are doers and doers are learners.

The Edupreneurial Pivot

Dr. Bourqui and Dr. Claivaz have started a systematic inquiry on the disruption of Education in the 21st Century.

Their seminal book, , advocates the necessity of the Entrepreneurial Mindset for Education and explains why only a bottom-up transformation of Education can be successful in the VUCA world.

They have created , the Podcast and Blog on 21st快狐成人短视频app-Century Education and Those Who Make It. The guests of Twenty-One are Edupreneurial Minds who disrupt Education.

Follow Twenty-One on if you want to know where, when, and by whom Education is being disrupted.

Collaboration with EdTech startups

EdTech startups are at the heart of innovation in Education. Working with EdTech startups, BSL can provide Faculty and students with the latest technologies and empower them to explore new dimensions of Business Education.

快狐成人短视频appAs member of the Lemania Group of Schools, BSL is particularly proud to be an official partner of the EPFL EdTech Collider. This partnership makes for the closest possible association of BSL with international innovators in the field of education.

快狐成人短视频appSmartest is based on a simple idea: turning test preparation into a fun and engaging activity.

快狐成人短视频appSmartest Learning transforms school documents into interactive questionnaires to aid memorization.

Textbook texts, diagrams and vocabulary lists come alive thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

Inspiring projects

快狐成人短视频appBSL reaches out to projects open that explore radically new paradigms of education and entertain an inspiring dialogue with their creators.

快狐成人短视频appTime will tell which of these new paradigms will enter BSL’s Education Eco-System. Yet, there is no reason to delay their discovery.

Kaospilot + Berlin is a whole new way of learning to become an entrepreneur, inspired by the Danish “Kaospilot” course.

Kaospilot + Berlin offers an interactive online experience with peers, coaches and experts.

Kaospilot + Berlin is the partner of, a site dedicated to presenting the startup scene around the world.

We are trusted partner of Education innovators.

We combine the finest results of Academic Research with the effectiveness of Entrepreneurship.

We have setup and we constantly develop an Education Ecosystem where learners are doers and doers are learners.